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Codes and Ciphers

      Explore the Breaking of German Naval Enigma

The first use of Enigma by the German Navy and why did it become so difficult to break?

The Funkschluessel C

Alan Turing starts to investigate German Naval Enigma

Turing and Naval Enigma

The German use of the Bigram tables.

Find how they were used and the task this presented for breaking them.

A German Naval message sheet.

Alan Turing and Banburismus

Turing's crucial ideas for breaking Naval Enigma .

A Banbury Sheet

Banburismus in Action

See how Banburismus was used to break German Naval Enigma

Finding the right hand wheel

Early Pinches

Weaknesses, Pinches and Offizier Keys

Sub Lt Balm

M4 arrives

The race to break the four wheel Enigma

The 4 Wheel Enigma Machine


The vital code books.

Anthony Fasson

Using the Short Weather Codes

How the exploitation of the German Weather Codes became a vital tool in breaking Shark.

The Wetterkurzschluessel Book

The U Boat Contact Signals

Getting back into Shark by using the Contact Signals.

The Kurzsignalheft Book

American Bombes

the US Bombe programme

An American 4 wheel Bombe

This page was originally created by the late Tony Sale
the original curator of the Bletchley Park Museum