Virtual Wartime Bletchley Park
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Codes and Ciphers

        Explore Wartime Bletchley Park

The Enigma Machine

You might wish to revise your knowledge of the Enigma Machine before proceeding

    The Enigma Machine used by the Axis forces.

    The Polish code breakers

    Here is how the young Polish mathematicians broke the unbreakable Enigma and gave the Allies a priceless gift

    Polscy Kryptolodzy

      Marian Rejewski the great Polish code breaker

      In September 1938, the Government Codes & Ciphers School comes to Bletchley Park to test its suitability in case of War

      Follow a an exploration of Bletchley Park in 1938

      Captain Ridley's shooting Party!

      The first breaks into Enigma. In August 1939, the Government Codes & Ciphers School comes back to Bletchley Park for real just before the outbreak of War

      Find out how Dilly Knox and "his Girls" broke Enigma with the help of the gift from the Poles.

      Dilly Knox.

      Alan Turing and his Bombe

      Turing's crucial ideas for breaking Enigma.

      Explore the Bombe in Action See how menus were constructed and how a menu ran on the Bombe..
      For the "Anoraks" (Technically Skilled Superior Individuals!) here is a high speed Bombe Simulator which enables real code breaking to be done.

      Alan Turing

      Early expansion at Bletchley Park

      See how Bletchley Park has already started to grow by December 1940 to meet the needs of war

      The first Hut 3

      Getting the Park organised

      Gordon Welchman sees the need for an organisational structure to exploit Enigma breaks.

      Gordon Welchman

      Breaking German Naval Enigma

      Turing's work in breaking Naval Enigma .

      Admiral Doenitz

      Information Flow through Bletchley Park

      By 1944 Bletchley Park had evolved into a massive well oiled machine for producing vital intelligence to help the Allied war effort follow a German Enigma message through all the processes to break it, decipher it and deliver its intelligence content to the Allied field Commanders.

      Part of the Information flow Diagram

      Catching a Fish!

      The race to break the Hitler's messages .

      The Lorenz Cipher Machine

      The history of UK code breaking and the Birth of SIGINT

      Signals Intelligence at last becomes a cohesive whole under Travis's guidance.

      Sir Edward Travis

      This page was originally created by the late Tony Sale
      the original curator of the Bletchley Park Museum