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Many people have asked how to make a donation to further the work of the trust, and we have added the facility to make donations using PayPal. Unless you specifically ask otherwise, we will add your name to our list of donators.

Should you wish to make a larger donation, we are happy to discuss the most tax efficient means of doing this, and in particular, we can advise US givers on donations conforming to the IRS 501(c)(3) code.

We should like to thank the following people for their kind donations to the Trust

Michael J Wiener Arjen Lenstra Nigel Smart
Phil Warn Tom&Dorothy Berson Gustavus J Simmons
Tanja Lange Eran Tromer Daniel Page
Matthew Blaze Clifford Ananian Tom Duff
Saender Clark William Lattin Kevin Brock
Jutta Degener Sloan Seaman Tamzen Cannoy
Jon Callas Harry Chesley Eli Biham
COSAC delegates    
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