VirtualBP Status Log
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Tony Sale's
Codes and Ciphers

Status information about VirtualBP

1. VirtualBP uploaded 21/01/02

2. Missing bits and to do
done 2.1. Intro page to Bombe Rebuild Project.(leads to John Harper's web site)
2.2 Complete transcription of 1944 US 6812 Bombe Report. (first chapter, 40 pages, done 65 to go) (Chapters I I and III up)
2.3 US Bombe programme description
done 2.4 Completion of example of breaking on Short Weather Signals, slight problem: original one didn't work!
2.5 Add more nodes and pics in BP now tour
2.6 Enlarge BP 1940 with House internal layout and put up PRO 1940
staff list and PRO documents about 1939 occupation.
2.7 Produce clearer description of Rodding.
2.8 Enhance the Set up and Run a Bombe bit to include examples of menus
of different strengths and numbers of stops, including CSKO, Hoppities and Machine Gun
2.9 Explain the muddle over incorrect wiring datum for wheels 4 and 5 and the bombe readout and checking machine.


23/01 Added Status Log and temp Bombe Rebuild page
23/01 put in first page of Bomb Rebuild.
23/01 Spell checked most pages.
26/01 Repaired broken return link from virtualbp/index.htm
27/01 Completed and put up breaking Weather Short Codes and improved Bombe simulation.
18/02 Put up Chapter II of transcription of US 6812 report on British Bombe
20/02 Put up Chapter III
04/04 Put up High speed Bombe with description of readout problem
20/04 Put checking machine into zip for easier downloading
27/04 Added "anchors" to indexes so that returns work better

This page was originally created by the late Tony Sale
the original curator of the Bletchley Park Museum