The Enigma cipher machine

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The Enigma cipher machine

These pages give an introduction to substitution ciphers and then go on to explain exactly how the Enigma machine worked and how it was used.

At present the pages are as follows:

1. Substitution ciphers and the principle of the Enigma
with a detailed example illustrating how the Enigma enciphers letters.

2. The components of the Enigma machine and its military adaptation
with a further page specifying the exact rotor wirings and the reflectors of the Enigma.

3. The military use of the Enigma and the problem facing those trying to break it.
This page also allows you to go to Tony Sale's on-line Enigma simulator and to try it out on a message used in the film Enigma.

Now you can find out more about Enigma:

4. How the Polish Mathematicians Broke Enigma.

5. Alan Turing, the Enigma and the Bombe.

6. Explore the Breaking of German Naval Enigma.

You might like to visit this History of UK code breaking and the birth of modern Signals Intelligence, (SIGINT).

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