Bletchley Park and its Museum

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Bletchley Park and its Museum

The pages now available on this part of the site give you a guided Virtual Tour of Bletchley Park:

Page 1: Around the Mansion; Early Days

Page 2: In the Stable Yard: the 1940 breakthrough

Page 3: The Huts and A Block, the expansion of 1940-1

Page 4: Hut 3, Hut 6 and the Bombe Room

Page 5: The Blocks: the industrial expansion that ended the war.

This Tour is a gentle stroll conducted by Tony Sale, the founder and original Curator of the Bletchley Park Museum. He shows you the grounds of Bletchley Park as they now look, but also takes you on a walk through history. He starts in the early days when the codebreakers arrived in a quaint rural mansion surrounded by farm buildings. He leads you on to see their work expanding into an advanced industry, central to the defeat of Nazi Germany.
Now there is more information available about the history of Bletchley Park:

An interactive exploration of Bletchley Park in 1938!

The early expansion of Bletchley Park.

Gordon Welchman: Getting BP Organised.

Navigate yourself round Bletchley Park.

For information about when Bletchley Park is open to visitors you must go to the Bletchley Park Trust which is responsible for it. This website has no connection with the Bletchley Park Trust.

This page was created by the late Tony Sale
the original curator of the Bletchley Park Museum
Technical assistance from Andrew Hodges