Anoraks Corner Status Log
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Status information about Anoraks Corner

1. Anoraks Corner uploaded 12/01/03

2. Missing bits and to do
2.1 In Tools.
2.1.1 Railway Enigma simulation.
2.1.2 UKWD simulation


13/01 Added zip files
21/01 Corrected errors in Netscape versions of M4 and Checker
22/01 Updated
22/01 Added Status Log
23/01 Added to tools and updated index
25/01 Uploaded Scenario 5. added intro.htm to tools 26/01 Updated c&c index and anoraks and tools .zip files
17/02 Added Virtual "E" rack and Scenario 6. Updated scenios.htm, vulns.htm 01/03 Corrected errors in Scenario 6.
08/03 Included updated pages in

This page was originally created by the late Tony Sale
the original curator of the Bletchley Park Museum