The Colossus Rebuild Project by Tony Sale

Colossus Reborn

The Lamp Panel

This is an interim form of the Lamp Panel with four rows of ten lamps indicating the output of each of the four decades making up the counter, thousands at the bottom, units at the top.

You can just see a count of 7,008 standing on the counters. Because a pure Chi test tape is being run for this setting of the K4 and K5 rings an exact match is achieved at each character on the tape, hence the count of 7,008 the number of characters on the tape. A very good test that Colossus is working correctly.

The final position for the counter outputs will be on lamps at the top of the lamp panel, where they were in the original. This is currently being wired up and will eventually be connected correctly.

The display will also show the current ring start positions.

This page was originally created by the late Tony Sale, the original curator of the Bletchley Park Museum, and Secretary of the Bletchley Park Heritage Society.