This is a general view of the working rebuilt Colossus taken on 21st June 2000.
At this stage Colossus was still only working on the K4 and K5 wheels and tracks 4 and 5 on the paper tape. More circuit panels were being added as information about them was deduced from recently declassidied reports.
Colossus last worked giving counts and typewriter output in September 2000. Tony Sale has now been allowed back into Bletchley Park two days a week to complete his rebuild of Colossus.
This general view shows the paper tape reader, the "Bedstead", on the right, the logic rack and relay rack in the centre and the counter rack on the left, with the typewriter in front.
You can navigate around Colossus either by Next, Previous or jump to a viewpoint by clicking on a grey square on the Colossus plan view. The layout is set for 800x600 screen resolution and the F11 key should be used to get full screen size.(this does not work on Netscape).