Railway Enigma Comic Strips

For Railway Enigma
Wheel Starts

Set strips The comic strips are also produced below the rod squares. These strips are for the same wheel, rings and start positions as the rod square.

Any entry in the steckers box and the rings box, is ignored in producing the rod Square but will be included in the comic strips.

The comic strips presentation is the same as in the Army Enigma comic strip decoding procedure except that because the entry order (the diagonal) is QWERTZUIO.. this is used on all vertical strips excent the Ringstellungs
A background sheet of paper has printed on it vertical strips of letters. On the left hand side is the representation of the Umkehrwalze (reflector), U.K.W. Since, on the Railway enigma, this can also be turned and its Ringstellung set iit is handled just like the other wheels.
The wheel strips contain a lower case alphabet on the right hand side, an upper case alphabet down the centre and the wheel wiring in lower case in the left hand column. The letter entered into this column is the letter to which it is connected on the right hand column.

The upper case alphabet down the centre represents the Ringstellung or tyre setting on the wheel. It is placed so that the Ringstellung letter on this strip is alongside the letter l,(this corresponds to "Z" on the Army Enigma) in the left hand column of the wheel.

For Railway Enigma the default settings are the same as in Turing's "Treatise on Enigma".