The 4 Wheel Navy Enigma Instructions.

Click on the screw knob half way down the right hand side of the Enigma machine, just above the lamp panel).

The top opens to show the Enigma wheels.

Release the Enigma wheels by clicking on the release knob top left.

The wheels come out and the wheel box appears containing wheels 1 to 8, ordered from left to right.

Click on the required wheels to place them in the Enigma machine.
You can also change the fourth wheel and the thin reflector by clicking on the B, Beta or C, Gamma symbols.

Now click on the wheel release knob to close the wheels.
The ring letters appear, 3 letters to each wheel.

Click below the boftom letter or above the top letters until the required ring letters show in the centre of each set of letters.

Now click on the screw socket, middle right on the Enigma machine to put down the top.

Now go down to the plug board (Stecker in German).

There are 26 socket pairs on this panel and the layout is the same as the keyboard layout.

For instance to plug D to N, click on the D pair of sockets, a Stecker plug, "Oa" will appear. Since the wires cannot be shown, the plugs are numbered 0 to 9 and lettered "a" and "b" to indicate the two ends.

Now click on the N pair of sockets and plug "Ob" will appear.
You have now "Steckered" D to N.

Now do the rest of the pairs in a similar manner.
If you make a mistake click on the top right hand corner of the plug board and it will be cleared and you can start again.

Now the Enigma machine is in its base setting.

To turn the wheels to the indicator letters, click on the left hand wheel cover clip The wheel cover opens to show the finger notches on the wheels. Now click on either the top or bottom of the finger notches to turn the wheels until the indicator letters show in the windows above the wheels.

To encipher or decipher from this wheel start position click once on a key to press it down, a lamp will light on the lamp panel, write this down. Then go to the next letter and press that key down, etc.